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Family Day 2024

This year, our annual family day celebrations were held on Mothers’ Day, Sunday 12 May. It was celebrated a few days before 15 May, International Day of Families, which brings families together to celebrate their diversity and strengthen their unique bond while highlighting the importance of the role they play in our society. This has become an important day in the calendar of our Rehab Center children, their families and our Family-Based Care (FBC) team, which is focused on strengthening and reuniting families.

Our Family Day is a great opportunity for our children to bond further with their families and also get to know and trust our teams in a relaxed and fun environment. Now in its third year, it has quickly become one of the highlights of our year. Parents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents started coming through the gates from early morning, arriving before the official event to catch up with their children.

The event started with a warm welcome from our talented singers and games quickly followed with families and children forming teams for some competitive fun. When not participating in the games families could visit our pop-up shop selling crafts their children had made or pose for a quick family photo.  


After a tasty lunch, families gathered again to enjoy dance performances by our children ending a day full of fun, games and lots of laughter and love. We are grateful to the young adults living in our aftercare homes who played a huge role in managing the day while also catching up with their younger ‘brothers and sisters’. Roll on next year…


On family day itself we took part in an important X Spaces discussion on family strengthening with friends Prerana, Miracle Foundation, Catalysts for Social Action, DASRA, Udayan Care and Apnalaya. We are working collectively to help pave the way for family-based alternative care as per Indian and international guidelines and legislation. Family and community strengthening plays a key role in delivering this and our family day is just one way we can work towards building the trust and relationship required to help reunite and place children within safe and secure families.


Listen to the discussion at: or by clicking the image below.

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