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We are a diverse and highly reputed organisation with over 300 dedicated, passionate and experienced staff working in over 20 projects. As part of our commitment to developing the next generation of social workers we welcome short and long-term volunteers.

Each and every one of our beneficiaries has a unique story and we need caring and empathetic volunteers that empower and support them with dignity and respect. In return for your time, you will gain a unique insight into the operations and culture of a diverse NGO covering health, education, rehabilitation and advocacy projects designed to prevent the commercial exploitation of women and children.


Volunteering at Snehalaya is also a great opportunity to develop personal skills in line with your studies. You can volunteer with your course on a block placement or visit independently to build on your academic and professional skills and interests. As well as gaining a good understanding of how our organisation functions, you will build on your experience and personal development while making a small but valuable impact to improve the lives and futures of our 20,000 beneficiaries.  


Our volunteers are the life blood of our organisation, without them we would not be able to function as we do. The good news is that there are many reasons why volunteering for us is great for you.  Here are just a few:


"Snehalaya has been eye-opening placement as an Art Psychotherapist Trainee. I have learnt a lot about international psychological concerns surrounding the welfare of children & women, including insightful knowledge as to how the inspiring Snehalaya projects manage to successfully empower both women and children.

"Volunteering with Snehalaya has also given me hands-on experience with therapeutic skills for children & creativity, allowing me to develop my professional skills and my understanding of Art Psychotherapy."


1. It's fun

You can spread the word through running a fundraiser near you or applying to one of our youth volunteering programmes whether you are in India or abroad. Getting people together for a great cause feels good and can be lots of fun.


2. It's rewarding

When you donate your time, you are helping us support people that really need a helping hand. Knowing that you are making a difference can increase your confidence, lower your stress levels and make you feel good.


3. You can develop your skills

There are lots of ways that volunteering can help strengthen your skills, whether its communicating while stewarding at an event, or helping us with our research.


4. You can do what you do best

Volunteering doesn't have to take you out of your comfort zone. In fact, one of the best ways to volunteer is to think about what you're great at, and to volunteer with that.

5. Make new friends

Working closely with our 270 staff you are bound to find someone you click with, add in our curious, confident and welcoming beneficiaries and it will be impossible to leave without forming life-long friendships. We attract volunteers from every corner of India and the world, so you can also enjoy cross-cultural experiences.

Volunteer in India

Snehalaya India run a number of targeted projects as well as a busy head office, and we look for highly skilled individuals to dedicate their time in these areas.


We prefer to offer placements from 3 to 8 weeks, which would suit students, retired professionals, or those thinking of taking a career break or sabbatical.


We also accept PhD and Masters Students who are researching a relevant aspect of the work Snehalaya does within the local community or focus groups. 

Volunteer Application

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Volunteer in USA

Snehalaya Americas Inc was founded and is run by long-time friends of Snehalaya with a mission to support the work we do in India. We are currently recruiting volunteers that can help us expand our presence in North America. If you have a few hours a month to help promote and support our projects please get in touch, email

Alternatively, you can volunteer with our partners, Indians for Collective Action (ICA) a volunteer-run nonprofit group, believes that all humans are entitled to a secure life in a sustainable environment and in a just society.

Since its inception in 1968, ICA has funded charities in India that do not have the ability to raise funds by themselves in the US. ICA has nurtured social activists, dedicated social workers, launched numerous initiatives including Asha for Education and Foundation for Excellence, and supported innovative community-led development projects in over 20 Indian states and disbursed millions of dollars over the past five decades.

ICA supports initiatives which:

  • Are focused on poverty alleviation

  • Uphold a non-sectarian and non-political agenda

  • Support rural communities and projects with least access to resources

  • Emphasize women and children’s issues

  • Are innovative, sustainable, scalable and replicable

ICA is looking for volunteers in the key areas such as:

  • Fund Raising

  • Outreach to the Bay Area Community

  • Web Site maintenance

  • Building Alliances with other non-profits

Visit their website to learn more how you can volunteer.

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