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About Us

Snehalaya means 'Home of Love', and was founded in 1989 to provide support for women, children and LGBT communities, who have been affected by HIV and AIDS, trafficking, sexual violence, and poverty. We operate in Ahmednagar, a town and district in the agricultural region of Maharashtra, India, and provide services to over 15,000 beneficiaries annually.  
We are more than an NGO, we are a strong and passionate family, united in the belief that no one should stand alone.  Many of our staff first came to us as beneficiaries to use our services.  We understand that resilience - the desire to survive - is an extraordinary force.  A sense of belonging and compassion can nurture even the most destitute and fragile people to not just survive, but to thrive in life. We welcome everyone with an open heart and without prejudice.  


To develop the awareness and capabilities of individuals who have been deprived of their fundamental rights as a result of the inequalities that exist in our society. 


To provide rescue, rights and rehabilitative services to the communities in most need. To offer a safe exit point to women and their children trapped in the crippling cycle of poverty and abuse.

The Challenge

In India 93 women are raped every day. It is estimated that 135,000 children are trafficked every year. Over 120,000 women a year will suffer domestic violence. There are 2.1 million people living with HIV, and an estimated 130,000 people die of AIDS each year. At Snehalaya we believe that grassroots outreach and education is the key to drastically reducing these figures, and in Ahmednagar alone we've already made a huge impact. 
Our History

We were founded in 1989 with an idea that every child and woman has the right to a life free of inequality...

Meet the Team

We are staffed by an incredible team of passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to helping our beneficiaries...

Our Projects

Our projects run across four main areas - Healthcare, Education, Rehabilitation, and Awareness...


  • Padmbhushan Anna Hajare, Veteran Gandhian, India

  • Dr. Annikoos and Bastian Dupre, The Netherlands

  • MBL Bhargava, Letz Dream Foundation, India

  • Shree Nimeshbhai Shah, Mumbai

  • Mr. Popatrao Pawar, Hiware Bazar

  • Ms. Preeti and Pravin Patkar, Prerana, Mumbai

  • Dr. S. N. Subbarao, Bhartseva


Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh National Award 

For outstanding and innovative contribution to women's welfare and empowerment for over two decades. Presented by the President of India


Niskam Karmyogi Purskar 

For constant and extensive work in Ahmednagar's red light areas serving the needs of women enslaved and trafficked into commercial sex industries, and the needs of their children. 


Real Hero Award 

Mumbai for women empowerment presented by The Reliance foundation


Praj Mahaentrepreneur Award 


We are forever grateful for the support and generosity of donors, partners, staff, and volunteers. Without your kindness and passion, we would be unable to continue our vital work with our community.


We believe we can have a greater impact, not only in Ahmednagar but across India and beyond. We hope you see the benefits of your involvement with us and continue to be involved in our journey. Thank you. 

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