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Every child has a right to go to school and not face violence. Early marriage denies them these rights.

Every child marriage hurts our entire family and community.

Child Marriage Awareness
Cycle Yatra 2024

Are you committed to making a child marriage free India and a society where all human rights are upheld? Have you resolved to be the change you wish to see? If so then you should join with us to raise awareness of child protection laws and rights to end underage marriage in our district.


Following the recent successes of our Sadbhavana (goodwill) cycle rallies, we held a Child Marriage Awareness Cycle Yatra during National Youth Week. Departing from Snehalaya’s Rehab Center in MIDC, Ahmednagar on 16 January 2024 it aimed to cover all corners of our district, travelling nearly 500 km over 10 days, finishing on Republic Day, 26 January.


Child marriage has been a major problem in India for centuries and today the rate of child marriage remains at 47% in India and 35% in Maharashtra. Child marriage, which is directly related to population growth, is leading to maternal mortality, abortion, malnourished infants (national rate of 42%), as well as important issues related to women's education and empowerment. Among the victims of violence against women, the proportion of girls who are married under 18 is very high.

Through this bicycle yatra, volunteers, children's friends and ordinary people will reach the underprivileged children of Ahmednagar District and promote care, protection, education and futures to those children. Our child marriage liberation mission through Udaan will be introduced to children and all citizens. We hope this journey will give confidence and a new direction to make Ahmednagar District the inspiration for a child marriage free India.

Child and youth power is the foundation of our nation building. Our aim is to make the youth, children and all citizens aware of the laws and rights of children through the Child Marriage Act and work towards reducing the number of child marriages in our district.

This cycle trip plans to pass through the villages and talukas of Pathardi, Shevgaon, Nevasa, Srirampur, Kopargaon, Rahta, Akole, Sangamner, Rahuri, Sonai, Shani Shingnapur and Ahmednagar. We are inviting cyclists to join with us in spreading these important messages. The event is being held in partnership with Ahmednagar district administration, Snehalaya organization, various rotary clubs, Ahmednagar district bicycle association and various social organizations.

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