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current priorities

We live in a fast-paced world where everything can change on a daily basis and we aim to respond to the challenges our beneficiaries face in a proactive way. With that in mind we are constantly reviewing and evaluating our projects to ensure we are providing the relevant solutions that meet their unique needs.

Below is our latest list of current priorities to ensure that we keep up with the ever changing environments our former, current and future beneficiaries face.


Review and revive Snehalaya’s constitution

Develop strategies & modules for systematic interventions and rehabilitation of beneficiaries based on data collected in last 30 years of grassroots work

Recruit the best talent and expertise

Achieve sustainability by developing our agricultural and other resources

Increase Corpus funding

Make our hospital sustainable by 2024


Increase the national & global presence of Snehalaya

Create awareness of the issues for which Snehalaya works (child rights, woman empowerment, LGBT rights, etc.)

Create advocacy groups to amend outdated laws related to our key work areas

Increase awareness to reduce the high prevalence of child marriages in our district

Develop support groups to address gender inequality within our rural communities


Create a training center to mentor, support and inspire organizations / volunteers by sharing our experience and ideas

Use our vast experience and data to design social science-related courses

Explore more options for sustainable futures for our beneficiaries

Support young people through education scholarship funds

Develop replicable modules for:

  • Family-Based Care at district level

  • Slum education and community centers based on our Balbhavan project

  • Women empowerment initiatives based on our Snehadhar project

  • Unique models of learning for children from challenged backgrounds based on our Snehalaya English Medium school

  • Health support for people living with HIV/AIDS based on our hospital


Explore skill development programs based on farming & allied skills to empower and prevent migration of rural youth to cities

Develop a new project to design and Implement succession plans with former beneficiaries while hand-holding and keeping track of their progress once they leave our care

To  raise awareness and increase support for mental health and addiction patients

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