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Preferred option. Minimal fees

80G tax exemption certification

US$ will be converted to ₹rupees at checkout. NO Tax Exemption.

Shop for multiple causes with no fee in our shop below: 

Ways our Indian Donors give:


  • eSHOP -  Online store** by product paying by credit card or PayPal*

  • ONLINE - Credit card holders find it easiest to use our quick and secure PayUMoney and PayPal options

  • BANK DEPOSITS - Bank account holders deposit to our HFDC bank account using the details provided in the bank info button

  • IN PERSON - Local donors and those without online options or bank accounts often donate in cash person by arrangement

  • IN KIND - Corporates and families also choose to give useful produce in kind


*no account needed to pay by debit or creditcard

**Store cannot issue tax exemption certificate, please use net banking or online buttons instead

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