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₹500 | US$7 | £5 | €6

₹500 | US$7 | £5 | €6


In India only 2% of girls complete secondary education. Let's change that statistic


    Give girls a chance at a real future, one that starts with education.


    Sadly due to poverty, patriarchy and lack of policies free 12 years of secondary education is not available to the majority of girls in India. UN statistics show that only 47% of girls in India start their secondary education and only 2% get to complete it.




    Education at the forefront of everything we do. 

    It costs $84,000 a year to educate up to 1,130 beneficaries:


    • Primary School - Snehalaya English Medium School (SEMS) gives free education to 222 pupils (slum children, orphans and middle income families)
    • Slum Daycare - Community led 'Balbhavan' drop in centers supporting 700 children
    • Computer & Vocational Training - Center for Hope offers courses on everything from CV writing to photoshop, driving lessons to dance classes for up to 200 people from lower income families
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