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We have come a long way since 1989 when our founder Girish took two children of sex workers away from the red-light area for a few hours each day. Since then we have worked with over 200,000 vulnerable women and children empowering them through 20 education, health, rehabilitation and advocacy projects. We are still inspired by Girish’s initial motivation to think of the last people in society and to: “Think globally, but act locally.”

As a result we can demonstrate significant impact in Ahmednagar, the largest district in Maharashtra with a population of over 5 million living in semi-rural and rural communities. Our achievements over the last three decades include:

  • Bringing an end to the use of minors in the sex trade district-wide

  • Stopping second-generation prostitution in our district

  • 100% condom usage among sex workers

  • Putting an end to police bribery, atrocities committed on sex workers and minor girls by the police, brothel-keepers, private money-lenders, gangsters and customers in all our red-light areas

  • From day one, there have been at least two former sex workers on our Board of Trustees

  • A reduction of new cases of HIV in sex workers, from 17% to 3.4%

  • A reduction of new cases of STDs in sex workers, from 56% to 2.3%

  • Operating the #1-ranked Childline in India

  • By working for child rights and protection we have reduced child labour, marriage and abuse and created a child-friendly government system and society in Ahmednagar District

  • Bringing 22 double life prison sentences, to high profile local men operating an illegal sex ring with minors, in a ground breaking legal case

  • Sex workers children are completing their full 12 years of school education before reintegrating back into society

  • Over 2,000 children have attended our extra-curricular and educational classes in 7 slums of Ahmednagar and over 20,000 slum-dwellers have enjoyed access to our other support services.

  • Helping other communities to use our model to create their own education centers including three self-managed Balbhavans which opened in our district in 2016.

  • A 350% rise in A and B grades in our slum schools over three years (2014-2017)

  • Opening the first hospital dedicated to the treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS

  • Launching the first Community Radio in the district in 2011

  • Consulting on the latest Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) guidelines

  • Operating the largest adoption center in India

  • The launching of Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs) TV Show at Snehalaya – the hugely popular show presented by Amir Khan was the first of its kind in India tackling burning social issues such as female infanticide

  • In 2019, we partnered with Paani Foundation to tackle drought and make villages water-abundant through their 2019 Water Cup competition

  • Receiving the 2012 Presidential Award for grassroots and community services to India

  • Inspiring, mentoring and supporting other civil society members, institutions and over 25 grassroots NGOs to replicate our work to address important social issues in their regions


We still have a long way to go to ensure women and child rights and we hope you stay with us to support our journey to equality and justice for all.

Snehalaya's Awards

Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh National Award 

For outstanding and innovative contribution to women's welfare and empowerment for over two decades. Presented by the President of India

World's Best School Prize

Top Three in Overcoming Adversity


Indians for Collective Action (USA) Golden Jubilee Award


Spirit of Humanity Award for Education


Polestar Award for Social Impact

Real Hero Award 

Mumbai for women empowerment presented by The Reliance Foundation

Praj Maha Entrepreneur Award 

over 3 decades of impact

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