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₹5000 |  US$68 | £50 | €58

₹5000 | US$68 | £50 | €58


An unrestricted gift to be spent where we have our most pressing needs. 


    Small organisations rely on the generousity of individuals to help run their projects and services. When donors can always select where their money is spent can mean a surplus in one area leaving our other vital operations underfunded. Giving 'Where Most Needed' is a smart way to allow the organisation to direct your donation to where it have the most pressing need. Whether that is a new roof, vital medical supplies or a new vehicle to safely ensure our children get to school. 


    Snehalaya runs over 20 key projects serving over 15,000 direct beneficiaries each year and supporting thousands more through our outreach work and rescue missions.

    It costs over US$1 million  each year to run our projects across 4 main causes:


    • Adoption Center 
    • Childcare institution, home to over 200 children
    • Women's Refuge 
    • Childline 
    • Bio Farm & Dairy 


    • Snehalaya English Medium School with over 200 pupils
    • after school clasdses in slums for 700 children
    • vocational training, including agri-entrepreneurship, healthcare, sari weaving and trade skills


    • India's first hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS 
    • Sex Worker Community Health Clinics 
    • Mentl health facility treating and reuniting people with mental health issues living on the streets and others with their families

    AWARENESS $37,500

    • Youth program
    • Community Radio Station 
    • Farmers network
    • self-help groups


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