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₹1500 | US$20 | £15 | €17.50

₹1500 | US$20 | £15 | €17.50


Support our shelter providing safety and support for up to 30 women (and their children) fleeing violence.


    Violence against women has become a prominant topic in India in recent years affecting 70% of India's women. We strive to help women find a safe exit point from the gender based murder, abuse and neglect that occurs. Our refuge afford women a sanctuary in a crisis for them and their children and actively prevents dowry death, honour killings, physical and sexual crimes and abuse through neglect.  


    Without Rehabilitation we will never end the need for charity


    It costs $330,000 a year to run 5 rehabilitative projects giving 18,000 beneficaries safety and a way out of poverty:


    • Women's Reguge - our 'Snehadhar' project offers an emergency safe shelter for approx 280 womening fleeing with their children from domestic abuse each year and a further 11,000 cases in calls.
    • Orphanage - our flagship 'Rehab Center' project takes children out of brothels into back school and prevents further loss to HIV for upto 300 children.
    • Adoption Center - our 20 bed 'Snehankur' project rescues 60 infants from perilious danger each year and finds them loving families. Plans to expand to meet demand in 2017.
    • Childline - #1 of 499 nationwide. Emergency and phone response to reporting a child in danger. Helping 500 children a year and a further 7000 cases in calls.
    • Bio Farm & Dairy - our 'Himmatgram' project is a hamlet of hope for 33 people from HIV families learning new skills and receiving medical care while providing produce to other projects including milk for our adoption center and vegtables for our orphanage.
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