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Snehalaya has always strived to find solutions to various social issues faced by its beneficiaries and has achieved great success in preventing second-generation prostitution through educating the children of sex workers. While we aim to educate all of our children to at least 12 Std and support those who have the ability to complete higher education to pursue their chosen profession. However, for others this is not always an option. To help give all our children a better start and skills to earn a living, our Snehalaya English Medium School (SEMS) has developed a vocational skills center with the support of the Rotary Club of Mulund Hills and Rotary Club of Ahmednagar Central.

Now in its second year, the project has been imparting skill-based education in cosmetics and beauty, welding, plumbing, carpentry, bicycle and motorbike repair. Open to all children living in our Rehab Center, it is giving them hands-on experience in mastering machinery used in cutting, carving, painting and finishing objects made of wood and similar materials. Our children are developing practical and technical skills that will provide them career opportunities in industries where demand outweighs supply. Using tools of the trades has tapped into the creativity of our children and boosted their confidence in achieving something tangible and useful.

Our center was recently expanded with further support from the Rotary Club, Mulund Hills. Mr Rajendra Shah, President of the club, is really impressed with the center and believes it can provide a role model for other like-minded organisations. Interacting with the students of the Skill Development Center, Mr Shah gave demonstrations of welding and drilling using the newly purchased machinery donated by the club, explaining more about the uses of different materials.

Student representatives, Sujata and Monica thanked the dignitaries for their support and shared their experience of learning at the center and presented the Rotarians with their finished products, including mobile phone stands and other goods.

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