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Unsung Heroes

Ba-Bapu and Vinoba Awards Recognize Outstanding Contributions

Our annual Ba, Bapu and Vinoba Awards serve as a symbol of recognition and inspiration honouring commendable individuals, providing recognition that goes beyond mere acknowledgment. This year, Rah Naba Kumar and Tandra Barua, esteemed human rights activists from Bangladesh, had the privilege of presenting these awards, emphasizing the global significance of these local heroes.

Ba Award: Vijayalakshmi Somani - A Beacon of Hope in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Vijayalakshmi Somani, hailing from Navyug Aarambh in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, stands as a beacon of hope for 300 children from slums. Her inspirational contributions in the field of education, holistic development, and women empowerment have demonstrated how determination and internal strength can make a significant difference, even in the face of limited resources.

Bapu Award: Drs Medha and Rajendra Malose - Healing Hearts and the Environment in Chandwad, Nashik

For 45 years, Drs Medha and Rajendra Malose have been the healing hands in Chandwad village of Nashik district. Through their free clinic, they have provided invaluable medical treatment to tribal and underprivileged patients. Beyond healthcare, this dynamic duo has played a pivotal role in promoting environmental conservation and cleanliness, showcasing that a dedicated couple can become agents of positive change.

Voioba Award: Manisha Pote - 28 Years of Tireless Service to Rural Development in Sinnar, Nashik

Manisha Pote, through her organization Yuva Mitra Sanstha in Sinnar, Nashik, has devoted 28 years to addressing economic and social issues in rural areas. Her tireless efforts span across crucial domains, including water, education, healthcare, institutional development, and livelihood. She exemplifies how sustained commitment can create a ripple effect, transforming the lives of those in need.

In a world where selflessness often goes unnoticed, the Ba-Bapu and Vinoba Awards at Snehalaya shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes. The stories of Vijayalakshmi Somani, Drs Medha and Rajendra Malose, and Manisha Pote serve as a reminder that change starts with individuals who refuse to accept the status quo, demonstrating that every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the greater good. Through these awards, we celebrate their achievements and the spirit of community, compassion, and the unwavering belief that one person can make a difference.

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