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Unremitting Service Work

A journey towards social change

Our Volunteer Sneh Melava at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Balbhavan in Aurangabad was an inspiring gathering of individuals dedicated to serving the underprivileged providing a platform for sharing experiences. The event shed light on the remarkable journey of our commitment to empowering women and children over the past three decades.

The program, inspired by Honorary Director of our Balbhavan, Sanjay Bandishti, was a huge success. Rani Nikalje, the coordinator of Ch. Sambhajinagar Balbhavan, provided an overview of the project's annual work, showcasing the impact they have made in the community.

Dr Priti Bhombe, Secretary of Snehalaya, shared our impactful journey of empowering women and children to lead better lives. Priti's speech was moving and highlighted the organization's dedication to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Dr Girish Kulkarni, our founder and activist, truly engaged the audience with his discussion on the 'unremitting service work of Snehalaya'. His insights shed light on his and Snehalaya's relentless efforts to bring about positive change in society. He emphasized the need for continued support and encouraged the attendees to give their efforts to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Rajeev Gujar, Trustee of Snehalaya, took the stage to urge attendees to spread awareness about Snehalaya's work in Ch. Sambhajinagar. He called for unity and collective action, emphasizing that every individual has the power to make a difference.

The event provided a platform for various dignitaries to share their social work experiences and make impassioned pleas for support. Manish Jaiswal, President of the program, stressed the power of words and their potential to inspire action. Tukdoji Maharaj and Bhaiji Subbarao commended organizations like Snehalaya for their collective impact and stressed the importance of unity in working towards the betterment of society.

The support and dedication of the attendees brought hope and motivation to continue striving for a more inclusive and compassionate society. The event served as a reminder of the power that collective efforts can have in creating positive change.

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