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journey from the beginning

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Meet Ratna who always had a strong desire to serve the underprivileged and completed her MSW education at CSRD College, Ahmednagar. She has been working with Snehalaya from the opening of our Rehab Center and now works in our PR Office. Her husband Rajendra also works at Snehalaya.

She says: “.When I decided to take the plunge into social development, I spent more time in Snehalaya — talking to people, trying to convince them to join hands with us. For a few years, it was difficult to get people into our work but after some time people joined with us. Now the work of Snehalaya has reached all over the world and innumerable people have been added to our family."

She engaged herself in the red light area interacting with women, participating in rallies and other activities. She then worked for 17 years in our Snehadhar Project with widowed and abandoned women, former sex workers and unmarried mothers. She played an important role in empowering women, as well as working as a health worker at the Snehalaya Rehabilitation Center getting involved with camps, health checkups, children's feeding, hygiene department, etc.

Always ready to improve herself, Ratna Tai undertook training and participated in workshops. Working ain our public relations department, he has a big hand in attracting new people to visit, managing appeal calls, admin work, making birthday phone calls, etc. She proudly says that Snehalaya is my family.

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