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1 teacher + 1 student = one solid team

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

It helps if we invest complete attention and hard work to succeed in any field. Success is guaranteed only then. One of our students, Krishna, is proof that efforts pay and here his teacher, Yasmin Sayyad shares her experience with him.

"All the kids seemed new to me. As I was getting acquainted with the children in that class, Krishna did not reveal his real name. At the end of the class, another boy came out and told me that the Krishna had not given his true identity and told the wrong name.

"This made me wonder why did he do so... Then I found out later that he didn't like to get acquainted with a new teacher or wasn't ready to adjust with them. In spite of this apprehension, we gradually got to know each other. I later also discovered that could not read or write, so he struggled in all subjects. He preferred sleeping during class. I used to wake him up during my class and asked him why he was asleep. He just ignored me and continued sleeping So when I talked to some of my senior teachers and colleagues, I realized that he was simply weak and slept due to his medical condition.

"So I decided that I needed to work on it. I started conversing with him frequently. We got to know each other better, and he slowly opened up. My colleague Jyoti Chavan Madam succeeded in teaching him read and write in Marathi.

"This was the first step. He then gradually developed an interest in reading and writing, learning all subjects, and showed moderate progress. I also tried to create an interest in Science by showing him some relevant videos, individually explaining some science concepts. This helped in developing his interest in Science too. Now, whenever he faced any problem, he started approaching me and other teachers to clear his doubts.

"I liked his honesty and hard work. He passed with more than average marks in ninth standard. He also realized that tenth class required more studies and hard work. Another major hurdle was that Krishna had serious visual problems and his writing speed was hampered due to this problem. When we discussed with all the teachers, we felt that providing him a writer for his SSC board exams could solve the issue. But we did not want to make him dependent and lethargic and did not reveal to him that he would be given a writer for the SSC exams. When he came to the school for his hall ticket, we explained to him that he will be getting a writer. Tejal, one of our student, had agreed to be his writer. He was very disappointed to hear this but we counselled him and explained why he needed a writer for his own good. He was convinced and appeared for board paper of class X. When the results were out, we all were pleased to see the result of Krishna. Our children passed with great results and school had 100% results.

"I am happy to inform everyone that Krishna scored 73.40% marks. When he saw his result, he first went to Tejal and thanked her. I liked his honesty. I am thrilled to inform everyone that this same boy worked with the PR team in Snehalaya to know more about public relations during the vacations

"I wish him the best for his future endeavors and a happy, prosperous life."

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