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A sweet experience

We are very honoured that BitterSweet Monthly, a US-based online magazine, chose Snehalaya for its first ever feature on India. A team of four, Kate (editorial), Erica (photographer and the person who nominated Snehalaya), Dave and Brandon, (videographers), visited our projects over five days interviewing, shooting and creating lasting bonds with our team and beneficiaries.

BitterSweet focuses on human rights, economic empowerment, public health and community development bringing the work of organisations tackling these issues to life through compassionate and passionate story-telling.

Their visit was months in the making, starting with Erica spotting our projects on the Global Giving fundraising platform, and impressed with the depth of our impact, she nominated Snehalaya to be featured. Her suggestion made it to the shortlist for the BitterSweet panel which meets annually to decide on the 12 projects that will feature each month over the course of the coming year.

Snehalaya was then pitched at their team and core contributors retreat, and we were thrilled to be chosen. Their evaluation includes under a rigorous, open debate following a four-question filtering system:

  • What need/issue is the organization solving?

  • How long has the organization been operating (and has their work/impact been affirmed by reputable third-parties)?

  • What practical engagement opportunities exist for the folks in our network to participate in, should they be compelled?

  • Does it seem that professional creative/story assets are critical in achieving their mission?

It’s a testament to our work that we made it through the process and were invited to an online call to discuss what we could do together. BitterSweet focuses on narratives that refuse cynicism, defy apathy and celebrates the right and good that the world needs more of. We are glad that they recognised our similar vision and are in good company sitting alongside some incredible US-based and international organisations that have also received the BitterSweet treatment.

At the start of April, and despite the heat-wave, they hit the ground running, meeting with our Founder, Girish, Chair, Jaya, management staff and beneficiaries, and even found time to squeeze in a visit to our partner organisation, inspired by our work, Unchal Foundation.

Capturing the essence of Snehalaya in less than a week was always going to be a challenge but thanks to the star of the show, one of our girls, and a special guest appearance by Girish’s son, the team were able to call it a wrap a day early. We are excited to see the final online article and accompanying photographs and video when we feature in their July edition.

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