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24 hour Pianothon

Bravo to the 31 pianists who took part in a 24-hour pianothon to support our projects. The marathon tinkling of the ivories was the brainchild of Caroline Maxwell-Gale, a music teacher from UK who plans to visit Snehalaya, Ahmednagar in August.

She recruited musicians of all abilities, from beginners to professionals, and ages, ranging from 7 to 86, who each took turns on Caroline’s piano in her garden music studio over the 24 hours. Starting at 9pm on a Saturday, the music was continuously played and streamed on YouTube through the night until 9pm the following day.

Caroline herself contributed around seven hours, something she was a little worried about before the event, saying: “As a 63-year-old who struggles to stay awake to the end of a film, I'm nervous about having to play for so many hours without stopping. It is going to be quite a challenge!”

We watched the live performances from India and others tuned in from around the world. We always enjoy hearing new ideas for fundraisers and loved that it was truly a collaborative effort, introducing people of all ages to our work. Caroline and the team even featured in her local media. Thanks to all the pianists and… encore?

After recovering, Caroline got in touch to share: “I'm really happy with how The Pianothon went! There were lots of heart-warming moments and a huge amount of enthusiasm for the cause. We have also almost reached our fundraising target of £3,000 which is amazing, I am so grateful to all that took part and donated.”

If you have a great fundraising idea that you would like to manage for us, please get in touch at We are eagerly awaiting the next big fundraising idea and can’t waiting to hear all about it and discuss how we can help you make it happen.

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