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Animated minds

It was a great turnout as around 30 enthusiastic students from our Rehab Center immersed themselves in the world of coding via the Scratch platform through a Code on Wheels workshop with Code to Enhanced Learning. Over two days, our children unleashed their creativity, exploring and learning new skills and talents. For many it was their first time using laptops never mind cracking coding, and they took to it very quickly crafting captivating stories.

As our students delved into new animated worlds they also quickly developed their skills in comprehension, critical thinking, perseverance, problem-solving and technology solutions through hands on experience. 

The children had to first decide on their backdrop which ranged from city streets to forest clearings before choosing their characters and props and deciding on voice overs or conversation bubbles to narrate their stories. Many chose animals with one ambitious student taking on the challenge of resizing a giraffe with its elongated neck to fit in the frame. Others used dustbins to encourage people to keep India clean and created virtual birthday parties.

Given the response from our children, Code on Wheels are planning to continue their story with Snehalaya providing further online sessions and inviting us to take part in competitions they organise with schools in their network. We can’t wait to see how our kids’ imaginations develop.

We are grateful to our on-site collaborators, Sachet Foundation for sourcing and arranging this workshop which brought something new to our campus.

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