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Maherchi Sarees dazzle our sisters

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

"Prostitution is not a crime under the law, but every person can do their business based on their knowledge and skills"
Vitthal Patil

The Diwali festival is a time to meet your loved ones and share gifts, snacks, and sweets. Bhuabiji Day is the day for mothers and sisters, with their brothers traditionally giving them clothes and sweets as symbols of their love.

But for those who have no brothers or relatives, Deepotsava is a festival of sorrow and despair. Thanks to social activist Dharmaraj Shankar Ooty Guruji, we were able to distribute Maher sarees to beneficiaries in this situation. The sisters from all over our district to Ahmednagar city were overwhelmed when they received their sarees from their 'brother-in-law'.

Many held back tears as brothers with whom they had no blood ties came forward to forge a new relationship. The assembled women expressed their gratitude in an informal and emotional atmosphere. Ooty explained that the sarees were a garment and a symbol of new hope.

This Diwali tradition has been held for the last 17 years and this year, Ooty paid tribute to Mr Dharmaraj Shankar Auti Guruji who passed away at an old age. His son, Maluraj Auti and his daughters Mangal Mhaske, Indira Bhal Singh, Ashalata Baird, Sunita Narsale, Anita Akolkar and Abhang Pratishthan, of Dehu, Pune are determined to carry on his legacy.

Mrs. Bhagyashree Patil, Secretary of District Legal Authority Service, presided over the program, with special guests, Dr Additional District Surgeon, Darshana Baravkar, ART Senior Medical Officer, Dr Vikram Pansambal, District Program Officer, Shivaji Jadhav, Legal Adviser of District Women and Child Development Department, Arjun Neharkar, District Legal Services Authority Committee Member, Bhushan Berhate and Dr Vikram Wadkar and Principal of Abhang English Medium School. Kavita Iyer.

We are thankful to our many other donors who contributed to the sarees, with an average price of around Rs 500. Our Founder, Dr Girish Kulkarni, thanked all for their support.

Another program took place in our offices in Srirampur with chief guests, including Assistant Police Inspector of Srirampur City Police, Vitthal Patil. Snehjyot Project Director Prasanna Bingi shared the program's mission, the real problems our beneficiaries encountered with the fundamental rights of women, calling for those assembled to help our women.

Vitthal Patil considered how honored he was to be invited to the program, referring to the women as his sisters, following which Laxmikant Karpe sir gave health information.

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