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Family Day

To celebrate International Day of the Family on 15 May, our children invited their families to come to our Rehab Center to enjoy time with them and their Snehalaya family. Organised by our Family-Based Care team and some of our older children, it was day of love and fun as staff, relatives and children came together after COVID had kept them apart for such prolonged periods.

Our children’s relatives come to visit them as often as they can, bringing food and small gifts and spending time together in the shaded areas of our campuses. Often they bring extras for the children who don’t have their own families, adopting them for their visits. The staff who care for all of our children used the opportunity to share how important family is and that we should all sensitive of those children who are orphans or don’t see their families for other reasons.

Our family day gave everyone an extra opportunity to spend longer, play and laugh together. Everyone threw themselves into competitions such as cricket, musical chairs and lemon and spoon races with prizes for all winners. The day was rounded off with many, many dance and song performances from our children who loved sharing their talents with the assembled guests, especially their parents who beamed with pride.

We all really enjoyed getting to know our children’s families in a more informal setting and the day was such a success that it will now be a permanent fixture in our Rehab Center’s annual calendar of activities. Save the date!

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