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A Christmas to remember

We hope you had as wonderful and merry a Christmas as we did. Thanks to some very generous donations to a Christmas fundraiser our children really had a day to remember this year.

For the first time our Rehab Center children hung their stockings out on Christmas Eve and like millions of other children around the world they marvelled at how Santa had managed to get into their rooms to leave them Cadbury’s chocolates without them waking up. Later that day Santa’s Christmas elf delivered two DVD players to their caregivers (one for the boys’ section and another for the girls). They were so happy and excited to receive these gifts and as their cheers subsided little did they know what was still to come…

Cue Father Christmas who came cycling into the excited crowd, jingling the bell of one of the bicycles you helped us buy. After some songs and magic tricks from the man in red, the children entered our school, dorm by dorm, where Santa and his elves were waiting with more gifts. Each dormitory received a bicycle, wall clock, badminton set, DVD and board games and each child was also given an orange. They were truly overwhelmed and thrilled by it all and seeing their faces light up as they were given each gift was delightful. We have put together a short video so you can experience some of the magic yourself. (Unfortunately, the elves were a little overworked this year so the radio alarm clocks we will also be giving them didn’t quite arrive in time but as soon as they do we will be giving the to the caregivers to pass on to each dormitory.)

On top of all this Santa was also able to visit with the girls in our Balbhavan slum schools, the children at our Adoption Center and Himmatgram (farm) and the disabled children living at our sister Anamprem organisation spreading festive cheer and distributing chocolates and oranges.

From everyone at Snehalaya we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

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