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Children's Day

Our very first days were spent in improving the lives of children living in red-light areas and today we have impacted on the lives of thousands of children. From the 1,072 children who have called our Rehabilitation Center home to the 561 abandoned babies and nearly 10,000 Childline cases we have worked on since 1989, providing children with a happy and secure childhood and love has been our core mission.

November 14 marks the birthday of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated as Children's Day. This year, we celebrated the rights, care and education of children through a program with the beneficiaries of our slum community centers and Rehabilitation Center alongside local dignitaries.

Snehalaya's Childline and Rotary Club of Ahmednagar Central organised our Children’s Day activities. Director of the Rotary Club, Mr Dhiraj Munot, Press Club Director, Mr Mansur Bhai Shaikh, Sub Inspector, Mr Vinod Chavhan, Mr Vinod Chavhan, owner of Meghanand Hotel, Mr Rahul Maniyar, Mr Sunil Patil, Tofkhana Police Station and City Traffic Control Branch's Police Inspector Mr Chaughule, Advocate Mr Bhausaheb Karale and Snehalaya staff welcomed the children with roses. A balloon release was followed with a car and motorcycle rally through the busy streets of Ahmednagar promoting the importance of girls' education and lunch at the Meghanand Hotel.

Meanwhile our Rehabilitation Center children visited the children living at our sister organisation Anamprem, a home for people with disabilities. Our children spent time at their center near our farm bringing the children gifts of bags they had handmade for them before enjoying a lunch together.

Children's day also launches our annual Childine Dosti week, a series of activities to further promote our 24/7 emergency helpline for children at risk and the supporting services we offer.

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