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#IWD at our shelter home

Our women's shelter manager introduces the day

Our Snehadhar (women’s shelter) team helped celebrate International Women’s Day by organising activities and games for 80 of our very hard working female staff.

Our ladies do amazing grassroots work supporting and encouraging the rights and welfare of our women and children, which is a 24/7 job, so it was great to be able to provide them with a break for some fun and games at our main shelter home.

Our women take to the stumps

Our ‘Unch maza zoka’ event included old time favourites like musical chairs and a very energetic game of cricket. Participants included our cleaners, radio jockeys, caretakers, school teachers and counsellors, as well as the Chair of our Board, and it was great to see them laughing and playing together. It was a real team-building and empowering occasion and they left with renewed vigour for their colleagues and work.

our women were bowled over by our IWD event

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