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#IWD launch victory

On International Women's Day in a small venue in Putney, London - the Snehalaya UK team launched an new magazine and shared some of the heart rendering stories of the women we are so proud to support in our projects. Over 100 well wishers, staff and supporters gathered from across the UK and Europe to celebrate the progress being made for Women's Rights in India and to raise awareness and funds for two projects at Snehalaya that focus on Girls Education & Women's Rights.

Over £3,000 profit was gathered from the sale of refreshments and prints from a photographic exhibition at the event - that is over 2.5 lakh rupees which will all be spent in our Educate Girls progrm and at our Snehadhar - Women's Shelter.

This vital money could:

  • Seek justice with legal protection for 10 rape victims

  • Enable us to hire 3 counsellors to work with our survivors for almost a year

  • Could allow our Childline team of 12 to run an emergency response service for trafficked girls for over 2 months

  • See 10 girls stay in secondary education for a year

Snehalaya UK exists to raise awareness of the troubles our women and girls face in India and share information about how our projects seek to tackle these issues and end inequality and violence.

If you would like a printed copy of the magazine that shares many of our amazing beneficiaries, gives breakdowns of operational costs and practises and shows the main areas where Snehalaya works, please send your name and postal address to

Snehalaya UK would like to thank everyone that participated, attended and supported making this a great fundraiser and awareness day for our global supporters.

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