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Youth Camp

"Uneasy youth is the guarantee of change"
Padma Bhushan Anna Hazare

Unemployment, discrimination, inequality and poverty are rising among 68 crore youths in India leading to unrest. To help address this and mark social activist, Anna Hazare's 85th birthday, we held a special Snehalaya Youth camp with 230 students from 16 districts.

During the camp, Annaji interacted with the assembled youths online and Ramon Magsaysay award-winning psychiatrist Dr Bharat Vatvani addressed them saying that today's youth would have the opportunity to interact with many activists.

He added that M.A. Gandhi, Vinoba, Maulana Azad, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Krantikari Bhagat Singh and others were inspiring examples of social consciousness. Any ministry will be successful only if it is based on spirituality. He said that his motivation depends on the highest human values ​​and how high-quality work we do.

The construction of the Manasgram Rehabilitation Project on Mental Illness was also inaugurated at this time and the book Mayecha Snehankur, based on experiences in the field of motherhood, unaccompanied children, and adoption was published. The fourth and second editions of the book, Timiratuni Tejakade, a compilation of success stories on mental health, were also published.

The youth camp was held at the Satyamev Jayate Gram area of ​​Anamprem Sanstha in Nimbalak

New resolutions

The two-day camp featured group discussions on collective labor, new directions of service work and the challenge of goodwill in the country.

It was decided to organize the 31st Youth Inspiration Camp from August 12 to 16, for youth working for change in neighboring countries, including India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srianka.

The sixth Sadbhavana Cycle Yatra leaving from Ralegaon Siddhi to Dandi in Gujarat will be held from 22 September to 2 October (Gandhi Jayanti). It is planned to visit 100 people and organizations who will make a difference on this road.

Visits to the service projects of Snehalaya, guidance was given at this time to start such projects in their respective places as per the local need.

The youth were introduced to the necessary extra-curricular thinking by the activists.

Snehalaya, Anamprem, Baba Amte Sanstha Shrigonda, Snehaprem of Karjat, Uchal Foundation of Shevgaon, etc., participated in the organization of the camp.

On this occasion, Padma Shri Popatrao Pawar, Padma Shri Neelima Mishra, eye specialist Dr. Prashant Thorat, Manisha Pawar of Beed Parivar Vriddhashram in Beed, and Dr. Aarti, who works for the mentally ill in Vidarbha, and Dr. Narendra Kumar Mestri and Mrs. Shalan Mestri, close associates of Arti & Nandkumar Palve and President of Anandvan Mitra Mandal, Nisha Bhosale and Prashant Potdar working in the movement for eradication of superstition, Mrs. Sangeeta and Dr. Umakant Chanshetti as well as Mrs. Maya and Naresh Badnore, Subhash Sehgal who cycled around the world without any money in his pocket from 1962 to 1978, Mrs. Dipti and Dr. Niraj Karandikar who are dedicated in the field of psychiatry in Nagar district, etc. were present.

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