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Through hard work one attains great achievements, for hard work is the foundation of wealth. Without hard work, even knowledge is of no use; indeed, giving hard work is the greatest gift.

State-Level 32nd Youth Inspiration Camp

10-15 August 2024, Snehalaya, Ahmednagar

Empowering India's youth and children is crucial to the development of our nation. To familiarize young people with the values of empathy and to inspire them towards service, we started the Since 2005, our Yuva Nirman (youth development) project has been inspiring and motivating thousands of young people to be the change they wish to see through youth camps, workshops, and cycle rallies.

This August, our five-day youth camp is focused on our mission of making Maharashtra child marriage-free and supporting every child's right to live in a family, through family and community strengthening. Often we know we need to do something but, like our founder, Girish, experienced himself as a youth, we struggle to find our direction. Today, Girish is committed to supporting others in finding their own path with support from him, Snehalaya and leading social activists.

Our hope is that our camps will provide a road map for those aspiring to make a difference in their lives and society. The camp provides an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue with experts from a range of fields through group discussions, career guidance, group activities, yoga sessions, cultural programs and motivational singing. We believe that by encouraging young minds to actively participate in our nation-building, they will create their own vision for an improved society.

Leading the way in this year's camp is our Udaan project which aims to empower families to prevent child marriage. Founded in 2019, Udaan has been creating awareness on child rights and marriage laws to prevent child marriages, also rescuing children at risk and providing rehabilitation, education, health and self-reliance support throughout our district. By 2027, the project aims to make Ahmednagar district child marriage-free. With cooperation from the district administration and various stakeholders, Udaan is already making headway having successfully prevented over 300 child marriages in the last four years. Through the youth camp we hope to recruit more volunteers and advocates and provide inspiration, training, and action programs so they can support us in making Maharashtra a 'Child Marriage-Free' state.

Special activities for this year include:

  • Performance of a one-act play, Vhay, Mi Savitribai. written by Sushma Deshpande.

  • Groups of participants can prepare and present skits on child marriage or family empowerment.

  • Participants are invited to perform cultural programs but should come prepared with all of the necessary materials.

  • A marathon organized by the Ahmednagar Rotary Club - 4km for boys and 3 km run for girls. (Prizes for the top 3 boys and girls.)

The camp will be held at Snehalaya's 'Manasgram Project' in Islak, Ahmednagar and

is open to young people aged 17 to 30. A fee of INR 300 is applicable which includes all activities, accommodation and meals. Those interested can register for the camp via this link where you can also see further terms and conditions

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