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A Common Vision

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Meet Kajori, She comes from the beautiful state of Assam. While pursuing her post-graduation degree from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, she came across the name of Snehalaya. After visiting and revisiting the website of Snehalaya she was determined to work on the educational projects of Snehalaya. She started with us as a volunteer in the year 2019 and worked with our children on their emotional wellbeing and academics. Soon she joined the Snehalaya family as a School Administrative Officer and there was no looking back.

She is the pillar that holds our Snehalayas English Medium School (SEMS) up. Since the day she joined us, there has been no halt to the implementation of new ideas. It was under her that the Brick by Brick (Basic learning platform) and Teen Pathway Project (Internship providing Platform) bloomed. She never says no or takes a no for an answer where it concerns our children. She also incorporated our Snehalaya Kaushalya Vikas Kendra (Vocational Training Centre) under the school’s umbrella.

She says “We at SEMS believe that academics along with vocational training can do miracles for our students.” She also is engaged in multiple other short-term projects both nationally and internationally, that run for our children and she ensures that it reaches them well. Kajori has been quite strong vocally as well as in taking action as she practices and expresses compassion in her work.

She is the daughter of Biswajeet Das and Dipti Das, small-time entrepreneurs and mentors in her life. Their struggle to provide and attitude of not giving up still inspires her. She did her post-graduation in history from Dibrugarh University and later pursued a second masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Elementary Education. She has been part of many NGOs since her school days.

She joined during the crisis period of COVID-19 when education was suffering. She conducted community visits along with her team to understand the scenario and started online classes for students and home visits to provide materials for study. She started off teaching taking all necessary measures as and when needed. Kajori never hesitates to go off-road and invest her time when it concerns Snehalaya beneficiaries.

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