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Top class recognition

Updated: Mar 30

Women's day is marked with many special events, award ceremonies and health-related or fun activities within all social organisations. We ourselves celebrated it for a full day in Snehalaya with honour, love and refreshing activities for our women's brigade.

Similarly, Mahila Mandal, Shrirampur, a mature women's club hosted their celebration on 11 March at Swayavar Karyalay in Shrirampur. The Mahila Mandal brings together educated and cultured women to join hands in meaningful activities with social intentions.

This year they chose to honour our Snehalaya English Medium School in the district-level best social reform award. The award is sponsored by the Thatte siblings, in the memory of their beloved mother, the Late Mrs ShubhLakshmi Thatte. Our school was represented by our School Principal, Vice Principal and Snehalaya trustee, Mugdha Shukre.

Mugdha gave an overview of the school's work in a speech and the response from the elite ladies was overwhelming as they praised Snehalaya and showed great interest in understanding our working style and the magnitude of our reach to the diverse beneficiaries.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the Mahila Mandal members, especially Mrs Jyoti Bhalgat, Mrs Vaishali Waghmare, Mrs Aagashe, Mrs Harshda Pandit and the Thatte siblings. Appreciation of our work through awards like this greatly motivate us and renew our commitment to do more for education amongst our communities..

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