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Voting Rights

To celebrate International Tritiyapanthi (transgender; TG) Day of Visibility, our Snehjyot TI2 team organised a voting card distribution program in Shrirampur.

Guests included Arjun Sanap, Deputy Tehsildar, Election Branch, Shrirampur, Hon. Shakeel Bagwan Sir, Hon. Sandeep Palande, Hon. Prakash Mane Sir, Mr Shivaji Gaikwad, President of District Purchase and Sales Team, Advocate Mr Vilasji Thorat and TG Party Guru, Pinky Sheikh .

Deputy Tehsildar explained the importance of this day and how the Election Commission of India is working for transgenders. Snehalaya's activities on behalf of transgenders was explained as well as the importance of them register to vote. The TGs then shared their challenges and difficulties. A total of 47 TGs were allotted voting cards.

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