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Volunteer Therapy

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

There is a young lady who works at a local hospital who has one of the biggest hearts in Ahmednagar. Having trained at University of East London, Stratford, London, UK, we are proud to introduce you to Dr Judy Jose, who we feel very lucky to have as our own private physiotherapist.

Judy first came to our attention when one of our volunteers slipped over and tore the cartilage in his knee. Over the ensuing months, she gave him a set of exercises and pushed him further to get his leg back to normal, always with a mischievous sense of humour. It was rumoured that our volunteer said it was worth the injury just to go and have a laugh with this kindest of women. She was so good and effective in fixing him that he had the idea that some of our women and kids could also benefit from her practice.

Since then she has always been on call and never hesitated in treating our numerous kids who have a range of injuries and conditions requiring her expertise. Giving her service to us completely free of charge, her easy-going manner immediately puts patients at ease before she goes about manipulating and stretching their limbs.

Among her Snehalaya patients is a young boy with cerebral palsy, unable to walk. She showed his mother a set of exercises for him and suggested a fun way to make him more mobile would be for him to peddle a bicycle. He took to the peddles straight away and much to everyone’s delight is now regularly often seen cycling around the campus.

Judy also played a big part in the recuperation of one of our girls who had her leg amputated. Thanks to her physio she was able to not only gain the muscle strength that was needed for the challenging times ahead but she also boosted her confidence in other unmeasurable ways.

Dr Judy always plays down any sense of heroics when complimented on the incredible work she does, but believe us she is a real life hero to all she treats. In recognition of this, she was one of a handful of medical practitioners to receive an award for their invaluable services to Snehalaya at our World AIDS Day event in 2019. Thank you Judy!

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