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Summer Camp

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

“There is always that one summer that changes you and makes

memories of a lifetime.”

With the pandemic affecting children's education and wellbeing our children are facing huge gaps in their lives. To help them catch up and let off some steam after being in two lockdowns, our Balbhavan team is running summer camps from 8 to 17 May for 800 students living in six of Ahmednagar's and one of Aurangabad's slum areas. The camps aim to be fun while also developing skills and promoting the learning environment. They also equip our children and teens with the skills to face the realities of life with a curriculum that goes beyond academic learning.

Importance of Summer Camps

  • Kids and Children learn new skills through art and craft activities.

  • Outdoor and Indoor activities develop physical and mental activeness among children.

  • Children and teens develop social and communication skills.

  • Children create new friendships and understand multiple views, perceptions and concerns.

  • Summer camps make children independent and self-reliable as they spend time away from home.

Summer camp activities

  • Sports and Fitness: to develop the spirit of sports and fitness among children.

  • Moral Activities: good thoughts, stories, daily special subjects, prayers, poems, general knowledge, tree plantation, etc.

  • Competitions: poetry, music, art and craft, dance with different costumes to encourage the children.

  • Workshops: yoga, painting, clay modeling, arts and crafts to mould extra-curricular activities.

  • Inspirational & Comedy Movies

  • Sightseeing and outdoor activities: trips to Meherbaba Samedi

  • Learning: English language

  • Khau Galli: children prepare, share and sell special dishes to guests, staff and other children to celebrate the final day of the camp


  • develops skills

  • boosts confidence

  • Develops new friendships

  • imbibes values

  • makes children active

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