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Updated: Feb 23

Are you or your child considering study abroad?

Snehalaya offered a unique opportunity to meet with our visitors, experts in the recruitment of international students and students currently studying abroad.

We are lucky to have many different visitors with many different areas of expertise visit us in Ahmednagar. When we realised we had experts in international student recruitment we decided to share our priviledge with our local community. Attendees were able to learn more about the applications process, what universities are looking for and what it is really like to study in another country. Our experts have years of experience in recruiting in India and readily shared their insights and advice through a presentation and Q&A.

This was a unique opportunity to understand more and have questions and concerns addressed by:

David Braham, a senior higher education professional with over 20 years’ experience working in UK universities and specialising in internationalisation and study abroad.


Jayashree Raghuram is from Ahmednagar and heads the Leeds Beckett University South Asia office in Delhi. She has been recruiting students from India to study in the UK since 2004.

Julia Braham from Leeds University Business School UK has many years’ experience supporting international students as Head of Year, Personal Tutor and Guidance Counsellor


Niranjan Bhombe is from Ahmednagar and is currently studying in his final semester of a Masters in Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, USA.

Together the team has decades of experience from a range of perspectives and covered a range of considerations right through from application, arriving in a foreign country and day-today living and adjusting to studeies in another land. They shared their top tips and advice and were able to address all attendees, including our 10 std plus students, questions.

You can view a recording of the session below and access the presentation here.

Study Abroad - Snehalaya
Download PPTX • 8.20MB

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