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Sounds of Kashmir

Our links with Kashmir are strong having sheltered over 20 boys from the state following the floods in 2014. Although our languages were different, we soon bonded, especially over music and the songs from home they would sing. The boys have now returned home to their families and we miss the sounds of their sweet voices ringing out across our campus. Therefore, we were excited when another group of young artists from Kashmir visited to perform Ishasoor. Renowned singer and musical director, Pawan Naik was chief guest for the musical concert, organised this Nitin Thade, trustee of Meherbaba Sansthan.

The 30 young singers were visiting Ahmednagar to learn more about the life of Avatar Meherbaba and visit social institutions like ours. They performed and presented familiar tunes to us such as Kashmiri Nutya as well as Sufi Geeta, Ghazal and other traditional Kashmiri music. The cultural event was arranged as part of our mission to increase national unity.

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