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SCPL 2023

Cricket fever was high in March at Snehalaya when, ahead of the IPL season, we held our own Snehalaya Premier League Cricket Tournament. #Congratulations to all 124 players who took part, we had so much fun and a lot of #healthycompetition over the two days. The tournament was primarily a team-building event for our hard-working staff but also included some of our beneficiaries.

The 12 teams, four women’s and eight men’s teams, were drawn under the management of Snehalaya management and honorary directors. Staff came from all areas and locations of the organisation were involved, from directors to drivers and counsellors to kitchen staff.

The battles were fierce and spirits were high as the 10 matches played out. Special mention must go to our commentators who kept the crowds of spectators entertained with their witty banter and encouragement of the players.

Founders 11 and Legs 11 were the ultimately crowned champions with further awards for fair play, best team player, bowler etc. However, teamwork was the real winner with friendly rivalry put aside to celebrate everyone’s success in a fantastic event.

Manager of the winning women’s team, Joyce says: “The event was so much fun and I got to know staff I don’t work with every day a lot better. There were a few comments about how we had practiced more as a team in the run up to the matches but given it was all about team building I feel proud that my team took it seriously putting the time in to identify our individual and team strengths. I believe that if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail and the proof is in the spectacular trophy sitting in pride of place in my office. I look forward to next year’s competition and being able to spend more time with colleagues from across Snehalaya in a fun and supportive break from the pressures we work under every day.”

Winner of the best bowler award and member of the men's winning team, Hanif says: “Our team was made up of all ages, from 19 to 60, and it was amazing to come together to play, working in harmony with each other despite the generational gaps. I met people I never work with normally and understanding our different strengths and weaknesses helped our team to the final. Whether on the pitch or in a project, team efforts always win and when each member shares their individual strengths it serves to encourage and inspire the rest of the team.”

We are grateful to our HR team for managing such a brilliant inaugural event as part of their staff development strategy.

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