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Love what you do

Snehalaya aims to break the crippling cycles of poverty and exploitation into sex work by providing our children with a secure environment and quality education. While their awareness of social issues are greatly amplified by our program of events and guest speakers, growing up in an institution they have a limited view of the outside world.

This is often reflected in their ambitions which are highly influenced by our staff roles and those they meet in their home. While we are proud that most of them want to give back to their country and society, we also want to ensure they are making the right choices for their futures and are aware of the realities of their chosen career paths. As Steve Jobs explained, quoted in the 10 std curriculum, you have to : "Love what you do".

A few years ago our Snehalaya English Medium School established our Teen Pathway project. The aim was to ensure our 10 standard students researched and understood what their future careers actually involved. We asked them to focus on the skills, qualities and experience they would need to successfully fit their chosen roles. Identifying the gaps, we worked with them to develop relevant activities. One element of this was to offer them exposure to work after their exams.

Our SKVK team has also developed a vocational training program with Saket and is also working with the school and Rehab Center to expand upon the opportunities available and deliver skill development programs, exposure visits and external work experience. Our combined objectives are for students to understand and develop the following;

1. Professionalism

2. Leadership

3. Team Work

4. Communication

5. Knowing if their chosen career path is right for them

6. The skills, qualities and experience they need to fulfill their dreams

This summer vacation, all 10 to 12 standard students have been again given the opportunity to explore a different career. Within Snehalaya, we have young people working alongside our Founder, Dr Girish Kulkarni, directors Hanif and Pravin, and our PR, Radio Nagar, Childline and Snehadhar teams. More are undertaking placements outside, including future hotel managers learning all levels of hospitality at a four-star hotel. For others, we are building their skills through running activities for our younger children.

This exposure is proving very successful in building on our children’s skills, future plans and, in some cases, has led to further work. Two years ago, when Raja shared his dream of being a driver we sent him to our transport team. He is now employed full-time as a driver in the same team. Divya spent time in our marketing team and is now doing a longer internship to develop the communication skills to achieve her dream of being a graphic designer. She is also learning other skills such as reporting for and editing our breaking news.

We are so impressed with our children's maturity on placement and the insights they are gaining that either help solidify their future choices or give them time to rethink their options. It’s equally important to give them a view of their futures and, having seen what that may look like, renew their enthusiasm for doing well in their exams to achieve their ambitions.

If you would like to offer our children exposure to a new career option, please contact

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