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Himmatgram Hall Inauguration

Opened in 2019, our Himmatgram project provides a dignified place to women from the deprived sections of society. At the start of March we were honured when Zilla Parishad member Rani Tai Lanke inaugurated the Sabhamandap Hall at our farm in Islak. As well as teaching women independence through farming skills, Rajendra Kamble, Director of our Himmatgram shared our other objectives of removing them from harmful situations and give them a safe and functional space to live where they can also learn more about their rights.

"The work that Snehalaya NGO is doing for society is valuable and responsible, and the workers here are carrying it out excellently. We are always committed to co-operating with Snehalaya NGO."

Rani Tai Lanke, Zilla Parishad member

Also present were Mr Ajay Lamkhede and Mr Sanjay Gerange, Gram Panchayat Sarpanch of Nimblak, Islak and Mr Jairam Khedekar, Mr Sandeep Gerange, Mr Rishi Ghodke, Mr Popat Khamkar, Mr Somnath Khandve, Mr Bhaurao Gaikwad, Mr Ghanshyam Mhaske, Mr Ravi Dhanwate, Mr Bapusaheb Tangal along with other Gram Panchayat members and activists.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Dr Girish Kulkarni, Founder of Snehalaya, thanked Nileshji Lanke for his support to the beneficiaries of Snehalaya and recognised Rani Tai as a shadow of Nilesh Lanke, making his work better.

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