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Healthy Anniversary

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

We recently celebrated the first anniversary of our Ahmednagar Community Health Centre, a project jointly run by us and Schneider Electric India Foundation for patients from lower economic levels.

Maintaining our joint social commitment, the health center provides subsidized medical care to the general public. The center offers varying free and discounted health check-ups by 17 specialist doctors. The Ahmednagar Community Health Centre (formerly known as the L&T Health Centre) was created for L&T workers and their families and has been running for 14 years until Snehalaya and Schneider collaborated to run it in a new format inaugurated in September 2021.

The center has earned a good reputation for the excellent patient care doctors and paramedical staff. we are now aiming to find new ways to reach higher numbers of needy people and ensure excellent quality health care.

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