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Gender Equality Workshops

What exactly is gender equality? How can we raise awareness of the rights and responsibilities in ensuring gender equality? With this in mind we arranged a series of workshops.

Founding member of Snehalaya and Chandigarh resident, Prajakta Neelkanth Awhad, has been working on women's issues at the national level through Samvedana Sanstha, giving free legal guidance on women's issues and working extensively to create awareness about gender equality. She described how women have been subjected to a lot of injustice in the past, and that is why they should have equality with men at all levels of society. She questioned if this is a thought, is that thought is limited? Do women need equality to deal with injustice?

She posed that we certainly do not. If we think with the spirit of 'Nation First,' if we use the power and energy in women for the benefit of the country, society, family and overall progress, we will achieve the goal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Durga-Lakshmi in Indian culture - In the form of Saraswati - prioritises women's power and they are highly respected. Despite their influence, we continue to see many injustices done to women who also have to fight hard for their fundamental rights. We must change this view as intelligent citizens. If both men and women understand each other's natural energy and strengths to complement, inspire and cooperate, then we can create happiness at all levels.

What exactly is gender equality? What should be the change in your thinking about that? What role should I play from my home for gender equality? All of these questions were discussed and our staff will use them for their own workshops and counselling. Asked what else could be done to establish gender equality, she made the women present to think and explained the importance of working on gender equality in some humorous style. By reaching out to as many people as possible and helping them in the right way, we can do great social work.

Using these insights, our Snehadhar project organised their own Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Program in two villages where the assembled women were introduced to the work of our Snehadhar project and given information about our services for women. They were then guided on how to manage their own empowerment and the importance of public awareness programs to establish gender equality in their villages.

Special efforts are being made by our Snehadhar project to enable many women and girls to live fearlessly and solve their own problems. Women represent half of the human population yet continue to be subjected to many forms of degrading treatment, from neglect in their standards of living to persecution and oppression. By eliminating this discrimination, it is hoped to create a conducive environment for the advancement of women and to balance our society to give equal treatment to men and women.

If you or any woman you know is in need of support, please call our 24/7 helplines: 9011363600, 0241-2340444/45.

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