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Diwali celebration

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Each year we all celebrate Diwali by lighting diyas, decorating with lamps, wearing new clothes, setting off fireworks and having food with our near and dear ones. Like you, at Snehalaya we celebrate Diwali with our family: our staff, supporters and beneficiaries.

We have developed our own family traditions over the last three decades including a competition of the best constructed forts. This year, our Snehalaya and Anamprem teams encouraged supporters to help us organise a fantastic festival of lights where we could all share the joy of Diwali, Thank you to all who chose to support at least one child living in slums,

orphans and children living in institutions, children with disabilities, children living with HIV and the children of sex workers. Without your support, this Diwali would have been dark for underprivileged children and women. Instead, we were treated to a massive party hosted by Ahmednagar Lions Club at our Rehabilitation Center. A magical evening of popular songs courtesy of the Ashirwaad Sangeetavan Orchestra, quickly got everyone clapping and singing along.


We are truly humbled by the support we received from so many people. Our Diwali was truly dazzling and brightened many lives, like the beams of light shining from our lamps, slicing through the shadows of the current pandemic to offer a ray of hope to our children.

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