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Crossing Thresholds

Almas has two sisters and lives with her parents close by our Balbhavan in Mukund Nagar. Her father Aatik, is a graduate who is a mechanic in an auto-garage, working hard each day to put food on his family’s plates. His family is traditional with the wife being a home-maker where girls are given little encouragement to pursue higher studies.

Almas had friends who came to our Balbhavan and she jealously witnessed the progress of those children. Aatik had always wanted his daughters to be well educated but familial and economic constraints hindered him. Almas plucked up the courage to approach our Balbhavan team opening up about her situation. Our teacher and a peer educator visited Almas’s home to discussed her wishes with her parents. They were able to convince Aatik of the benefits of educating his daughters to ensure a bright future for them all. Finally, he gave permission for Almas to continue her higher secondary studies.

After securing excellent marks in her HSC she again came to Balbhavan for our advice and decided to do a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. She successfully applied for our Vidya Sahayog Scholarship Program, receiving financial support to pay her fees. She studied well and secured excellent marks in all her exams, gaining her pharmacy degree and is now searching for a job.

Almas has paved the way for both her sisters to also pursue higher education. Recently her younger sister passed her HSC exams with flying colours and is also keen to study pharmacy. Aatik and his wife are confident and are now completely supportive of all of their daughters’ education.

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