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25% GiftAid for tax payers.

No fees - 100% goes to the charity

25% GiftAid for tax payers. 

Fees reinvested in matching offers and charity support

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases, at no cost to you

Shop for multiple causes with no fee in our shop below: 

  • IN STORE -  Online store** by product paying by credit card or PayPal*

  • ONLINE - By debit and creditcard for donations with giftaid using PayPal* or Globalgiving*

  • PAYROLL GIVING - Give regularly and easily via your pay packet with government perks read more

  • BANK TRANSFER - Our UK and Indian bank accounts accept deposits any currency. Please contact your bank to make a one-time transfer or regular gift by standing order

  • IN KIND - Useful produce in kind is gratefully received by prior arrangement

  *no login or account needed to pay by debit or creditcard

**Store cannot apply giftaid. To add 25% giftaid to your donation please use online instead

Ways our UK Donors give:

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