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Rehabilitation Center

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The children of commercial sex workers living in red lights areas are often denied a childhood as they are exposed to their mother’s profession and associated addictions, violence and child labour. While girls are groomed in the business, boys often become pimps.

Children living with HIv are often orphaned and rejected or abandoned by their extended family who are ill-informed and/or ill-equipped to deal with their health issues.



Our flagship project provides care to 250 children of sex workers, minors rescued from the sex trade and children orphaned by and/or living with HIV. Unfortunately, many of our children arrive in poor health due to poor nutrition and a lack of understanding of how to administer ART effectively. Our ‘Home of Love’ offers shelter, education and vocational training as well as an on-site school and HIV Hospital with free and closely monitored ART. It is also home to our long-term women’s shelter and head office.





Our children live happy, active and healthy lives, attending school and evening revision classes and taking part in extra-curricular sports, cultural programmes and recreational activities. They are able to access counselling and play their part in a democratic child parliament that allows them to raise any issues and play an active role in managing their home environment.




Our children are raised to be independent and ambitious and we have successfully reduced second-generation prostitution by 100%. Help us give more children a safe and secure future.

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It is not enough to talk about what you're going to do, when you see a problem, when you see injustice, you must act

Girish Kulkarni

The founder of Snehalaya, whose dedication to fighting injustice has seen Snehalaya, and the Rehab Center become the beating heart of care it is today. 

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