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Ahmednagar city is known for its historical and ancient architecture. But if you want to get to know the real Ahmednagar you must visit the slums of Ahmednagar, the beating hearts of the city. Our Balbhavan works in seven of Ahmednagar's slums, this is just one story from one of the largest slums we operate in, Kshitij Balbhavan in the Ramwadi area.

Our team keeps tabs on all families living in the slums where they work and so it was soon noticed that one family was living in a terrible situation. Their four-sided house lets rain in, meaning there is no dry place to sleep. The Karta man of the house used to come drunk and beat and abuse his two daughters, son and wife every day. Tired of this beating and verbal abuse, the three siblings stopped attending school which our Balbhavan workers observed through their regular home visits. Dealing with a drunkard in such a situation is one of the biggest challenges for our team.

The mother, Lakshmi, was employed in a hospital in the city and counseling of the father helped hi to gradually understand and prepare him for work in the ironing business which he soon showed he was very good at. His business soon grew. On the first day, he ironed four dresses but gradually the number of dresses grew. Soon all of his children started attending school again but they needed help with getting educational materials so we provided all three siblings with textbooks and other educational materials.

After completing her education, the elder sister got married and the younger sister, Vrushali, started considering marriage as well. However, when she passed her 12th standard exams, our Balbhavan team helped her to take admission in the first year of a degree and also sent her for tennis coach training in Pune. She soon proved herself to be a great tennis player, tennis coach, and mentor. Her success means she is now standing well on her own two feet and able to support her family.

Vrushal has proven herself to be alert, well-informed and an ideal citizen and our Balbhavan team offers her best wishes for her future.

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