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Super 40

Our ‘Super 40’ children have recently returned from a busy seven-day visit hosted by our Snehalaya Pune team. The 40 young people from across our seven Balbhavan (slum schools) were selected to explore a range of different careers. Staying in the metro city from 28 May to 3 June they were certainly exposed to a diverse range of options for their futures as well as developing their personal skillset.

Their schedule included meetings with a range of entrepreneurs including industrialist, Hanumant Gaikwad, and Yewle tea entrepreneur, Navnath Yewle, Doctor Vaidya Harish Patankar taught them that by planning they could achieve new heights. This was reinforced by Angaraki Tai who advised to stay observant and chamge your minset to be a man living as a man in a crowd of men.

The children visited Chitale Brothers Factory, Malpani's Unit and Shogihi Techno Arts Pvt Ltd. There they were guided children to aim high, with no job being too small and that with a little hard work everyone can create a world from nothing. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale provided an excellent example of how focusing on the quality of products should be a priority. The children also visited a fabric printing factory where Sonali Salunkhe demonstrated different types of printing.

Sunil Gugle introduced careers in photography and it is better to look at what you have rather than what you don't have. Make-up artist, Kavita Koparkar, shared her profession and Kedar Athawale, shared how to make a career in acting. He started at AK studio in 2007 and there are now five studios. The children had the opportunity to visit one of the studios and watch a voice and dubbing demonstration.

Next up was Chinmoy who runs a kennels, where dogs can stay while their owners are on holiday. This was a novel concept for the children, especially the realization that a passion for dogs can lead to turning your hobby into a career.

An introduction to martial arts was provided by Rubina Shaikh, Founder of Smita Patil Foundation, who runs karate classes. A demonstration was given and then it was the turn of the children who gained certificates for their one-day training.

Vivek Naralkar, showed the children a short film about the environment, highlighting the desertification of forests and loss of animal’s habitats, inspiring children to protect the environment.

Shashikant Satbia provided basic computing skills, Mrinal introduced basic dance moves and helped them them practice. Manjiri conducted a session on communication skills and how language and speaking is an art. Ritu Punjabi taught table manners.

The children were also able to enjoy some recreational activities. The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, is a collection about 22,000 priceless artifacts representing everyday life in India. A visit to the gymkhana included a tour of the sports facilities and the importance of exercise. A visit to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Museum introduced the children to many different animals and snakes.

The visit was concluded at Dr Vinay Koparkar’s house, where the children reviewed and shared what they had learned in the seven days. The doctor also shared a video of his own life, which amazed and inspired the children. We are confident that the week in Pune has opened our children’s eyes, inspiring new ways of thinking and providing them new skills. We look forward to seeing how they use this exposure to potentially becoming promising entrepreneurs and pursuing new careers.

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