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Stop them before they become criminals

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Our Childline receives over 300 calls from our district every day, from children themselves or concerned adults who consider a child to be at risk.

Our team responds swiftly to investigate every call, working with local emergency services to rescue any child in danger. We are unique in conducting day and night patrols of transport hubs, buses, and trains passing through our district, temples, and other areas where runaways or abducted children and abandoned babies end up. Our extensive network of volunteers also plays an essential role in reporting those in vulnerable situations and helping provide vital outreach work auditing health and education facilities in slum areas and raising awareness of the 1098 number.

In February, these calls led to a total of 56 cases. Of these, two children were given medical help, four were given academic support, six were returned home with protection, four homeless unaccompanied children were found and eight underage child marriages were stopped. The team also assisted in finding three missing children and they also conducted a general inspection at the city and taluka level to provide a child custody scheme for 13 children who lost one or both parents during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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