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Spreading smiles miles and miles

Thank you to Care for You Foundation for inviting our children to their three-day summer camp during the school holidays. They arranged a fun-packed program including Zumba dance, yoga, meditation, crafts and business guidance which also helped develop students’ knowledge of music, art, dance and handicrafts.

Payal Rathi, founder and president, shared how Care for You, which works for orphans and underprivileged children, was established in Ahmednagar 12 years ago and has now expanded to other cities, including Pune, Nashik, Belgaum and Indore. As well as online maths, science and language classes, Care for You organises a well-known singing competition, general knowledge competitions and trips to places like water and amusement parks.

Around 100 boys and girls from Snehalaya and the government shelter home enjoyed the range of activities offered along with delicious meals and snacks. To conclude the camp, the boys and girls presented the art pieces they had made over the previous days, winning the hearts of the audience which included President of Hind Seva Mandal, Professor Shirish Modak. Everyone then enjoyed dishes including amras puri, rabdi puri, vada pav, papad bhaji and samosa which the children had helped prepare.

Our roving reporter, Divya was one of our children taking part. She says: “I am very thankful to Payal Sarda madam for organizing this program and inviting orphans like us to participate. I know you are invested in our futures and if we have any problems you are there to help. You are doing a lot for us and with your support we can and will build futures that will make you proud. If you light a lamp on the path of others, that lamp will light on your path too.”

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