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Spreading goodwill

There’s a brand new shop in Ahmednagar, Snehalaya’s Goodwill Shop. Located on the ground floor of our Response Center, our shop has a range of items available at affordable cost, from household items, books and shoes to jewellery and quality clothing, some pre-loved, others brand new. From favourite designers to handmade there is something for all the family.

Also available are items produced at Snehalaya, dresses, mobile stands, mandala designs, and our sister organisation, Anamprem where the blind and disabled make affordable sandals. Running the shop are two of our aftercare leavers, Gita and Krushna. They are now living independently in the community and their salaries from the shop help them pay their living and education expenses.

Snehalaya receives many donations every month, from small bags of clothes to house clearances. Some of these are of a high quality while others are of a lower quality. Managing, sorting and distributing these donations is labour intensive and often the materials spoil in storage before they can be effectively utilised. The shop ensures we manage these donations better and quicker.

Our shop aims to provide items at a fraction of regular shop prices for those living on a low income. We ae now able to sort through our donations quicker, of course keeping the best items for our beneficiaries and sending the rest to our shop. Previously, beneficiaries living in our Rehab Center would be distributed items from our store according to their needs, now they are able to come and enjoy a shopping experience, browsing the rails and select their own style of clothing and footwear from our displays. Beneficiaries from our other projects such as our slum schools are also able to visit the shop a few times a year to select items free of charge.

Our shop is helping us keep on top of our donations to make sure they reach those they are intended for much more efficiently with all profits going directly to our projects. It’s also a nice space to browse items, admire the creative talents of our beneficiaries and meet with our shop managers. Next time you are in Ahmednagar why not drop by and bag yourself a bargain.

Snehalaya Goodwill Shop. Snehalaya Response Center, Balikashram Road, Ahmednagar

Opening hours: 1-6pm, Monday-Sunday

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