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Snehadhar Pune

While most of our projects are based in Ahmednagar District, we also have a women's shelter and Snehadhar support services in Pune, Originally created to support our women and girls moving the metro city from our shelters it is open to all women in need of care and protection.

The video below gives information about how to help women in distress (suffering from domestic violence, cheating, harassment, etc) and have no idea what to do. AS well as welcoming them into our shelter homes in Pune and Ahmednagar we can also help with temporary stay / legal advice / medical aid / counseling /education / vocational training and more.

Watch now, share and save the helpline number in case you ever come across a victimised women. One phone call will change their life.

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rajnish vishwakarma
rajnish vishwakarma

A old women residing alone without shelter on road at one place. She is in very poor condition, continuously facing rain, hungry, etc.

Address: Back side of chapekar chowk, near 7 orange hospital, pune.

Kindly do needful for her.


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