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Updated: Mar 9

We were really happy to welcome World Love Global to our Rehab Center for the second year, to run craft-making workshops for our women and girls. Over the course of one week, they made a beautiful range of products some of which the World Love team have taken back to the US for sale there and some of which has been kept for our upcoming women's day event.

The team created a really relaxed environment in our Heena Earth Studio, where our women and girls could be creative in producing bags from our recycled materials and bracelets. At the end of each day, others would join for colouring, temporary tattoos and photos. We loved having them here and is was so much fun to see the range of designs and patterns they all came up with. The team also visited some of our other projects with a view to expanding their program next year.

World Love Global is based in Arizona, USA, although the team visiting us, including founder, Maggie Hoffman and her daughter Sydney, was also joined by women from Sweden and Delhi. The project finds ways to teach women some skills that they could use to make money in a healthy way and to give them self-confidence and courage to overcome the challenges of social and economic disparities and lack of education. They work with organisations in South Africa, Cambodia and India and this was their first visit to Snehalaya.

All profits made will be added to the women and children who produced the items, being deposited into the savings accounts to support them in their futures beyond Snehalaya.

You can read more about World Love Global here and an article on founder, Maggie here.

If you are interested in doing a similar activity or volunteering at Snehalaya please get in touch,

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