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SEMS shines in sports

Sports competitions serve as a platform for students to showcase their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Recently, students from our Snehalaya English Medium School (SEMS) participated in Ahmednagar District Sports Association Athletics at the District Sports Complex. With a total of 13 male and female participants, our students exemplified their dedication and passion for sports.

Outstanding Achievements: Among our talented athletes, Rudra emerged as a star with an exceptional performance securing him third place in the 100m race and first place in the 80m, earning him a spot in the upcoming state-level competition, recognising his speed, determination and talent.

Sportsmanship & Team Spirit: While Rudra's achievements were commendable, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of all the students representing our school. Each participant showcased exceptional sportsmanship throughout the competition, winning the hearts of the audience. The students' spirit, discipline and determination were evident in their performances, making the school proud.

A Proud Moment for Snehalaya Family: The success of our students reflects the dedication and support they receive from our Snehalaya family. Students, teachers and parents have worked tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment for the overall development of the students. This triumph is not only a victory for the individual athletes but also for the entire school community.

Participating in sports competitions not only builds physical fitness but also helps students develop essential life skills such as teamwork, discipline and resilience. The remarkable achievements of Rudra and sportsmanship shown by all the students are testaments to their hard work and commitment, serving as motivation for all our students to continue excelling in sports and beyond.

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